Son of the former president of Georgia Eduard Saakashvili got married
04 July, 2018
Recently, the former president of Georgia has attended the wedding of his son in New York, USA. The daughter-in-law is Jewish. Eduard Saakashvili met her at the college. It is worth mentioning that the former first lady was a Netherlander. Their international family has more widened. Eduard has a younger brother Nikoloz Saakashvili, too.
Eduard Saakashvili and his wife, Photo courtesy:

Eduard Saakashvili graduated from Swarthmore College with a film and media studies major and physics minor in May 2017.
Currently, he is a journalist and radio/podcast producer in Philadelphia.
Sandra Roelofs, Eduard and Nikoloz Saakashvili, Photo courtesy:

He was among those 7 students who graduated from the college with highest honors. Swarthmore College is a private institution that was founded in 1864. According to the date of 2018, the collage is ranked #3 in National Liberal Arts Colleges of USA.
Eduard and Mikheil Saakashvili, Photo courtesy:

He works as an Associate Producer at WAMU/NPR’s 1A (It is an American show exploring important issues such as policy, politics, technology, etc). He has interned at NPR’s Planet Money and WHYY’s NewsWork Tonight (American podcasts).
Eduard and Nikoloz Saakashvili, Photo courtesy:

In Georgia, Eduard graduated from one of the leading Georgian Schools the Guivy Zaldastanishvili American Academy with a gold medal. He received invitations from various universities and colleges from USA. At the age of 15, Eduard broke the record for fastest time to type the English alphabet on an iPad. It took him 5, 26 seconds to type on the iPad by only right hand.
Eduard Saakashvili broke the record, Photo courtesy:

Eduard Saakashvili thinks himself as a journalist and puts aside the idea of becoming a physicist at this point. He sees himself in an academic sphere. He has been writing essays, reviews and articles for The Daily Gazette, The Swarthmore Review.

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