The number of electric cars and chargers rise in Georgia
04 July, 2018
The demand for electric cars increases gradually. So far, there are already 1100 electric cars in Georgia. As for the chargers, it amounts to 52. Currently, drivers can charge their cars for free. From 2019, charging will not be free but the fare has not yet been defined.
Meanwhile, it is planned to double the amount of chargers due to high demand for electric cars. Locations for chargers are mainly near cafes, restaurants, hotels and petrol stations, the places where people
frequently stop around.
Charger of an electric vehicle, Photo courtesy:

60% of the chargers are installed in Tbilisi. Others are distributed to Kakheti, Kartli, Samegrelo and Adjara. Compared to 50 electric cars a year and a half ago, it is estimated that every month there are about ten new electric cars imported in Georgia.
Mitsubishi I-MIEV electric cars in Georgia, Photo courtesy:

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has provided Georgian government with electric cars. In 2014 Mitsubishi I-MIEV electric cars were supplied to Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. The mentioned cars take 7 hours to be charged and are able to cover 120-150 km.
Mitsubishi I-MIEV electric cars in Georgia, Photo courtesy:

In 2018, The Japanese government and the corporation Mitsubishi supplied 96 hybrid and electric cars to Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. The ministry is going to replace the rest of the conventional cars with eco-friendly ones step by step. By implementing these measures, the government tries to promote electric cars and encourages population to buy eco-friendly vehicles, either electric or hybrid cars.
Hybrid and electric cars for Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, Photo courtesy:

Electric cars are eco-friendly vehicles using electric motors. They are cleaner in terms of air pollution compared to their conventional counterparts. Unlike Electric cars, Hybrid vehicles use both conventional engine and electric motor. The government of Georgia considers ecology as a key priority for the country and environment friendly cars play the greatest role in this regard.

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