Terrible flooding in Svaneti poses a threat to nearby villages
06 July, 2018
Heavy rains triggered landslide in Chuberi, historic region of Svaneti on July 5. After the river Nenskra (a river at the south part of the Caucasus mountains in Svaneti, the right tributary of the river Enguri) swelled, muddy waters destroyed houses and bridges, cut off villages. Fortunately, nobody’s injured, 150 rescuers are mobilized on the spot. Several families have been evacuated to safer places.
Flooding in Chuberu, Photo courtesy:

As natives say, they were warned by herdsmen from mountain pastures
who witnessed the very first moments of the landslide. There remains the risk of flood recurrence in Chuberi. Rescuers are permanently monitoring restoration and water level. Rescue helicopters may be sent if they are needed.
Flooding in Chuberu, Photo courtesy:

Svaneti folks attribute the landslide to the construction of the Nenskra Hydroelectric Station. As the responsible company for the station has stated, the construction is suspended from the beginning of 2018. They denied the station’s connection with the tragedy.
Flooding in Chuberu, Photo courtesy:

Nenskra Hydropower Plant(HPP) was launched by JSC Nenskra Hydro, founded in 2015 as an outcome of cooperation between K-Water, Korea Water Resource Corporation and JSC Partnership fund. Nenskra HPP with 280 MW of installed capacity will annually provide Georgia with total energy generation of 1'200.00 GWh.
Nenskra Hydropower Plant in Svaneti, Photo courtesy:

As for the reminder, there were demonstrations against building hydroelectric stations in Svaneti. People there believe stations pose a threat to the residents and the nature. Some Geologists think the station has contributed to the flooding, while others consider the tragedy is only due to heavy rains.
The tragedy of June 13, Tbilisi, Photo courtesy:

The landslide has been compared to the tragedy of June 13 in Tbilisi. On June 13 deadly flood occurred in the Vere River valley, burst its banks and killed people, damaged infrastructure, destroy houses and the zoo. Due to the high landslide vulnerability in the region of Svaneti, geologists call for urgent actions and to revise the construction of the Hydroelectric Station from the government’s side.

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