Mencare – the campaign for gender equality and happy family
06 July, 2018
In 2016, an interesting campaign was launched in Georgia. It was organized by the United Nations Joint Program for Gender Equality with the help of the Government of Sweden and UNFPA Georgia. UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund (UN organization) has been addressing sexual and reproductive health, population dynamics and gender equality concerns in Georgia since 1999.
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A survey, carried out in Georgia in 2013 by UNFPA shows that roles and relationships are not equally distributed
between men and women. Due to inequitable stereotypes, Georgian men hesitate to take full responsibility to be equitable fathers, partners, husbands and family members.
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According to survey, most commonly, Georgians consider that looking after children, cooking, cleaning are a women’s job, while men have to do fixing and repair household items. The campaign has been working to raise awareness about gender equality through public discussions, TV programs, videos, projects and blogs.
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The popular TV programs, such as “Daddy, read me a book” and “A Letter to a child” (the blog for fathers to voice the importance of men’s care) contributes to the promotion of men’s engagement as fathers.
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Various Georgian celebrities, actors, basketball players, musicians and TV presenters joined the campaign.They try to break stereotypes about what is defined as men’s or women’s responsibility. Both women and men are equally capable of being grate cooks, housekeepers, caregivers and breadwinners. The Mencare campaign aims to break inequitable stereotypes and to promote lifestyle based on equal distribution of duties and responsibilities, benefits and opportunities.
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On June 19, 2016 Georgians celebrated Father’s day for the first time with the support of UNFPA. The Mencare initiative has become a winner in the nomination of the Equality-Friendly Initiative of 2018 at the Emerging Europe Awards ceremony in London. Emerging Europe is a London-based think tank contributed to boosting the social and economic development of twenty-three countries in Eastern Europe and raising awareness about the region.

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