Detained Georgian boxer in New York – “I will be free in 5 years”
06 July, 2018
Avtandil Khurtsidze, Georgian boxer who was detained in New York in July of 2017 stays optimistic and encourages fans that he will be free in 5 years maximum. He posted a statement on his Facebook.

He says that for what he has done, minimum term of sentence is 2 years and maximum 5 years. “Final sentence will not be more than 5 years. I am here for over a year. Taking into view my good behavior I will get out in
2 years” – says Avtandil.
Avtandil Khurtsidze. Photo courtesy:

There were rumors in the US media, that he would be sentenced for 40 years. On June 19 he was found guilty in New York federal court of racketeering, wire fraud and other charges in connection with a sprawling and violent criminal ring.

“What I say is right, do not believe to fake informers. What a bullshit! I am not a terrorist to face imprisonment up to 40 years. I’ll be back and defeat many others on a boxing ring. I work out daily for 3 hours, so Avtandila is in a good shape” – writes Avtandil from prison.
Avtandil is 39 years old. Photo courtesy:

“I would like to tell my fans that I have not stopped doing what I love. They have prepared special gloves for me, so we fight every day. Besides, I have lots of free time and nothing else to do – workout, nutrition and sleep. I am not in a bad place. If I had had conditions like this in Kutaisi, probably I would have achieved much more. When I was brought here and on the other day someone brought me a chicken drumstick and ice-cream, I thought it was a joke” – writes Avtandil in a humorous style.
Avtandil on the boxing ring. Photo courtesy:

Avtandil has a nickname – Chakucha or a hammer. He is called like this due to his fighting style. His known with another nickname in Europe though – Tornado.

Avtandil was arrested on June 7 2017. He was charged with involvement in criminal cases and for his role in a Russian and Georgian crime syndicate in New York. He won interim middleweight world title in April 2017 in Leicester, England, and knocked out Tommy Langford in the fifth round. He was supposed to fight full middleweight titlist Billy Joe Saunders on July 8 in London, but missed his chanced – the fight was ultimately canceled, because of his charges.
Avtandil during fighting. Photo courtesy:

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