Woman gets sunburnt for a third time
09 July, 2018
A Fig leaf concoction that is being used for creating a fig leaf tanning lotion is very popular but sets a dangerous trend in Georgia today. This year already three people have been admitted to hospital as a result of using this “tanning” aid.

Many people are unaware of its dangerous effects which actually cause sun related burns. One Georgian woman who has used this dangerous lotion for self-tanning over consecutive summers, still continues to do so despite experiencing adverse side
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“I don’t know how this happened to me, why did I do it for the third time!?” – She says

She has previously been burnt three times through using this dangerous product. However, she still continues to use it. Just a week ago after she applied the fig leaf lotion on her skin she immediately experienced a burning sensation on her skin. Now she is receiving medical treatment.

According to doctors just 24 to 36 hours after application and sun exposure, a person’s skin develops phytophotodermatitis and blister formation on all exposed areas. If a person’s condition rapidly deteriorates they must immediately be admitted to hospital.
Another woman says that according to her friend the procedure of fig leaf tanning was safe. After hearing the word “safe” she applied the lotion to her skin. However, the effects were so bad that she couldn’t even hold her crying baby.

“At the clinic I saw one girl. Her skin had been permanently damaged by the fig leaf tanning lotion. The skin was burnt as well as her face with no way of recovery. – says the woman.
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So why does she keep using this dangerous product?

Just like so many others she is addicted to having a tanned body. Even if this procedure causes risks to her life she is still determined on doing whatever it takes to get that perfect “sun kissed” tan that women are looking for. If you think that this is the right way then you’re wrong. Do not under any circumstances put yourself at risk just for that perfect tanned body as it will leave you in serious life threatening condition. There are so many other ways to get that perfect tan that does not involve getting hospitalized.

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