American family found dead in the Dusheti region of Georgia
10 July, 2018
The Interior Ministry of Georgia has confirmed the deaths of American couple Ryan and Laura Smith and their 4-year-old son Caleb in the Khada Gorge, in the Dusheti region of Georgia. The family disappeared on the 6th of July. Friends of the family became concerned and contacted the U.S embassy in Georgia about their disappearance.

Police discovered the car and personal belongings of the family in the village of Tskere,in the Khada Gorge. The dead body of Laura Smith was the
first to be found at the edge of a waterfall. Her husband Ryan’s body was found the next day. On the 8th July the body of their son, Caleb was discovered. A local 19-year-old shepherd led the police to the body of the 4-year-old boy. Both the father and son had been shot.
Ryan, Lora nad Caleb Smith, Photo courtesy:

The Interior Ministry confirmed that the 19-year-old shepherd had confessed to the shooting of Ryan and Caleb. It is alleged that the death of Laura Smith may have been accidental in that as she tried to run away from the shepherd, she tragically fell off the cliff near the waterfall.
Lora and Caleb Smith, Photo courtesy:

The reason for the double murder is said to have been a dispute between the shepherd and Ryan Smith. However, the Police have yet to confirm this..

The shepherd is at present being detained in custody and will be charged today with premeditated murder. If convicted the maximum sentence for this offence is life imprisonment

The family had dual citizenship of Georgia and the U.S. They had lived in the Marneuli region for over 6 years. Ryan owned a company called “Rewoven”,creating handcrafted carpets. The company wanted to revive traditional carpet weaving. Locals were employed in the Company. Laura Smith had been working as an English teacher at the local school.
Ryan Smith, Photo courtesy:

The couple had been planning to build a playground for the local children. The family were said to be very respectful and helpful to residents. The loss of the family was a great shock and tragedy for the whole country. On the 9th July, as Georgian citizens wanted to express their sadness about the tragedy, public condolences were presented to the U.S embassy in Georgia.

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