A 19-year-old shepherd accused of killing three members of Smith family is to be detained in custody pending a full investigation
11 July, 2018
It was decided today at the Mskehta Court that Malkhaz Kobauri, a 19 year old shepherd accused of killing three members of the Smith family, will be detained in custody pending a full investigation. The Prosecutor’s office had applied for the detention of the defendant in custody pending full investigation and the defence side had requested his release.
ora and Ryan Smith with their son Caleb, Photo courtesy:

Malkhaz Kobauri was officially charged yesterday with the pre-meditated Murder of two or more persons. If convicted, the offence carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

He was initially charged under article 116 and 2 of the criminal code, which implies negligence of life, but after receiving initial medical and forensic data the charge was changed to that of premeditated murder.

According to the inhabitants of Khada Gorge, there was a physical confrontation between the 19 year old shepherd and Ryan Smith following which the shepherd shot and killed Ryan Smith.
Ryan and Lora Smith, Photo courtesy:

The locals allege that the shepherd then tried to physically and verbally abuse Laura Smith, who tried to run away. In her efforts to escape she fell off a cliff near the local waterfall and died.

The FBI is to provide assistance to Georgia in investigating the murder at Khada Gorge according to the US Embassy. According to the TV Company "Palitranews” The Americans will be taking part in the technical examination, of the camera and mobile phone found at the crime scene.

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