Emergency Management Service - Several hubs remain in the Zeskhos forest area
13 July, 2018
The process of extinguishing the fire in the village of Lentekhi in the forest of Zeshkho is still underway. There are still several hubs on the mountain slopes; however there is no open fire. Supposedly the firefighters have participated in the process of fire extinguishing.
Fire at Zeskho's forest, Photo courtesy:

“At the time it’s only 4 ker, but the fire will not be increased. Additionally, the helicopters will also be used to extinguish the fire. There is a group
that handles the smaller cells. At this stage it’s raining. The situation is stable and the subject is under control. Supposedly the liquidation of the fire will be performed soon.

“In the process of extinguishing the fire only the active force is to be involved. However, if the process will be in need of the involvement of helicopters - we’ll be using helicopters. But for now I don’t think it’s necessary”. – says Japaridze.
Helicopters will also be used to extinguish the fire, Photo courtesy:

The fire in the village of Lentekhi started 3 day ago. According to the preliminary information, the fire was caused by thunder. 120 firefighters are involved in process of fire extinguishing and the relevant groups of logistics and communications are on the ground. Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Forest Service staff is also known to be involved.

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