Best Georgian wines are revealed
16 July, 2018
“10 Georgian wines you must try before you die” is a joint collaboration between Palitra Media Holding and the online wine market An exhibition and a wine market were organized at Meidani Square in Tbilisi on the 13th of July. The wines on offer were especially produced and labeled as gift wines aiming at tourists and collectors alike. Apart from the wine tasting, there were special offers on the wines for visitors.
The organizers have been grateful to members of
the public for their active involvement in the project. People were happy to take part in the wine tasting process and to choose the best ten out of the 23 wines. The aim of the collaboration is to offer wine lovers the products of various Georgian wine companies and to promote the wine production industry in Georgia.
The exhibition/open market was a great opportunity for tourists to taste Georgian wines in a single space. A box of ten different wines wrapped as gifts or collections can be purchased on for only 129 GEL. The project contributes significantly to the promotion of Georgian wines locally and worldwide.

The project was initially launched in October 2017, when the first blind tasting of wine took place at the Georgian wine festival. Due to a high level of interest in the project, tasting continued for two days.

French and Georgian wine experts came to the view that the best ten Georgian wines of 2018, are:

1. Akhalsheni 2005 – “Saferavi”

2. Teliani Valley – “Tvishi”

3. Besini Winery – “Tsinandali”

4. Maranuli – “Akhasheni”

5. Batono – “Qindzmarauli”

6. Giuaani – “Rqatsiteli”

7. Tbilvino – “Khvanchkara”

8. Chateau Nekresi – “Mukuzani”

9. Koncho and Company – “Qisi”

10. Corporation Kindzmarauli – “Mtsvane”

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