“It’s surprising that they all survived” – says a doctor who saved the lives of Russian tourists whose car fell into the Arghun River
16 July, 2018
Five Russian tourists were transported to hospital following an incident which took place on the 3rd of July in the Arghun river at the Mistalo Gorge in Khevsureti. "The Arghun has taken the lives of many people, including Gela Diauri's wife and daughter and also my first wife ., " said Doctor Mikhail Chincharauli

Five of the 8 people in the car were injured during the accident. First aid was initially given by Doctor Mikhail Chincharauli at his home near the
site of the accident, and then the injured were taken to awaiting ambulances..

Mikheil Chincharauli, a resident of Shatili is a leading specialist and doctor/therapist who regularly assists the Border Police Department # 6 of the MIA, with these types of incidents. He is the only doctor situated near to the gorge .and has been serving ten villages in this area for the last 42 years ..
The roads can become dangerous when the the river is high, Photo courtesy:

“I was told that a car had fallen into the river at the Mistalo Gorge and that people were injured. I went there immediately. Fortunately, the passengers had managed to escape from the car through the windows and to get out of the water. Five out of the eight tourists had bodily injuries to their ribs, shoulders and other fractures. They needed different kinds of treatment. They were initially taken to my house in Shatili where I bound their wounds as best I could, in some cases with stitches. I then called the emergency services who arranged for ambulances to be sent to pick up the casualties . I’m just glad they survived.”

The Russian tourists were on an excursion, and down a narrow track below the Mutso towers (namely the Torghga tower), where the car fell into the river Arghun. This river is dangerous and full of swamps. Fortunately for the tourists the river shifted the car to the bank of the river. If it had stayed in the middle, the car would have been swept away and no one would have survived.

The driver said that one of the minibus’ tyres came away and fell into the ravine.

Generally, the roads through the Gorge are narrow but well-arranged. However, they can become dangerous when the the river is high , and it destroys the roads. Driver at this time are cautious, and drive slowly , but despite this, unfortunately, there are frequent accidents.

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