Grape greenhouses in Georgia
17 July, 2018
Tengiz Chinchaladze is the first person in Georgia to own a grape greenhouse. He built his first grape greenhouse in Kutaisi, in the western part of Georgia. The area in which this greenhouse is located used to be a police department-Tengiz Chinchaladze’s former workplace 15-20 years ago.
Tengiz Chinchaladze and his grape greenhouse

Later, he purchased the land, and set about building a greenhouse on it. Initially he grew herbs in it. However t
he herb greenhouse was not a success so he switched it to a grape-greenhouse.

At present, he has two greenhouses. He grows Cabernet and Chevalier (French vine varieties) and the Georgian varieties: Otskhanuri Safere and Usakhelauri. Tengiz Chinchaladze first grows vine roots in a special soil. After 2-3 months, the roots have grown enough to be transferred to the greenhouses.
Grape greenhouse in Kutaisi

Instead of using chemicals, he uses Spanish biological sprays as fertilizers. Each individual vine provides 15-20 kg grapes. Having a greenhouse is not an easy job. One has to fertilize both the soil and the green space on its surface.
Grape greenhouse in Kutaisi

The advantage of a greenhouse is that the vines are protected from too much rain, sunlight or wind. As Tengiz Chinchaladze grows organic vines, he believes that his greenhouses are going to be more profitable in the near future.

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