Innovative Service - a Psycho-taxi in Tbilisi
18 July, 2018
A 29-year Valeri Otkhozoria with 4 academic diplomas is an unusual taxi driver from Tbilisi, Georgia. If you come across a young taxi driver in Tbilisi with a big smile on his face, consider yourself lucky. Valeri Otkhozoria will not only be your taxi driver but also your psychological guide. He has qualifications in Clinical Psychology, Jurisprudence, Philosophy and Drama.

Once, a friend told him about the idea of a psycho driver who would be able to consult passengers about everyday issues.
It was at this moment that Valeri Otkhozoria knew this was his dream job. Valeri had previously worked as a psychologist, director, lecturer and assistant to a lawyer. Though, he had never found happiness in doing these office-jobs.
He has now been driving a taxi for about a month. So far, he has had no complaints or negative comments from his passengers. On the contrary, they have opened up and vented their negative feelings in his taxi. From the very first minutes, his smile and warm atmosphere in the car make passengers as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Valeri Otkhozoria plans to set up a taxi company under the name of “Socrates’ taxi”. “Socrates’ taxi” will welcome everyone who would like to consult a psychologist but who are not able to see them due to financial reasons. The taxi drivers are going to be psychologists only .

The idea of the taxi is to give the passengers psychological support and, of course, to take them to their destinations safely. The young psycho-taxi driver derives great pleasure from helping people speak up about their worries and motivating them.

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