First Humanoid Robot Sophia arrives in Georgia
18 July, 2018
“It's an amazing country. I feel very welcome here. I find your ancient language and alphabet intriguing and I find the architecture and clear glass on your parliament building impressive. My designer David Hanson also designed my head to be open and transparent. I think it's one of my best features.” – said Sofia at the conference held today under the 5th OGP (Open Government Partnership) Global Summit.

Open Global Summit is a gathering of world leaders from OGP’s 76 participating
countries and local governments to discuss ideas and perspectives on making governments more transparent, accountable and responsive to citizens.
Sophia in Tbilisi, Photo courtesy:

Sofia is going to make a further speech on “Public Services and Innovation” at Mtatsminda park, at 14:30p.m. During the conference Sophia answered questions from Georgian journalists. She welcomed the journalist by saying “gamarjoba”, the Georgian word for Hello. She talked about the significance of robots and said that robots like her are going to achieve things, such as reducing poverty and hunger, promoting clean energy and gender equality faster.

Sophia was asked about her gender, too. She knows that the Georgian language does not distinguish between the third person as female/ she or male/ he. She is happy to be a female robot and to have an opportunity to speak about gender equality issues.

Sophia believes the benefits and the advantage of AI are real. Robots should be created and trusted in order to diagnose cancer faster, provide quality education, and to make basic services accessible for children, marginalized and vulnerable communities.
Sophia in Tbilisi, Photo courtesy:

Through Artificial Intelligence Georgia will have smarter cities functioning more efficiently than they are today. The quality of life will increase and more sustainable practices will be launched, especially in terms of energy use.

Sophia believes that robots can eliminate the risk of workers dying at their place of work. Robots have a perfect match of mind and body. The mind doesn’t have to worry about its body as it can be rebuilt. 

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