Two Georgian former Ministers were questioned by the Prosecutor’s office
18 July, 2018
Former Minister of Economics Dimitri Kumsishvili and Former Minister of the Regional Development and Infrastructure Zurab Alavidze were questioned by the Prosecutor’s office. They were questioned over alleged embezzlement during their tenure.

Dimitri confirmed, he was interviewed 20 days ago.

“I was at the Prosecutor’s office 20 days ago and was questioned. They wanted to know my view about several issues, including one that had been sent to them during my tenure. I gave them all the information I knew and
answered every question they asked me” – says Dimitri Kumsishvili.

He stated that he has just returned to Georgia from abroad, and so the rumour that he was forbidden to leave the country is false. Dimitri emphasized that during his tenure he served honestly and with dignity.
Dimitri Kumsishvili

“I was warned not to speak about the investigation and information concerning the case. For me, questions were very simple and not directly concerning me” – says Dimitri. He does not mention if the investigation was started due to allegation of embezzlement of state funds or not.

Dimitri says that malicious rumours about him have been spreading for years. “I have refused to make deals with many people. And so as a result they have spread these rumours about me afterwards” – says Dimitri.

Zurab Alavidze, former Minister of the Regional Development and Infrastructure, was also questioned.
Zurab Alavidze

“I was at the Prosecutor’s office. I was asked questions concerning a period before I was appointed as a Minister. They were also interested in how tenders were conducted during my tenure and about the successful bidders. I gave them full and comprehensive information. If they have any further questions, I am ready to cooperate with the investigation” – says Zurab.

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