Georgian citizen offers an idea about the President’s palace
19 July, 2018
Tbilisi City Hall's website is still open for the submission of citizens' ideas for the development of the city. At this stage 168 current, 175 blocked, and 466 failed ideas are on the website. 2 ideas have already been agreed upon and another 9 ideas are in the review process.
The President's palace at night, Photo courtesy:

One citizen of Georgia recommends a new use for the Presidential Palace in Tbilisi. In particular, the citizen
believes that the building should be turned into a Museum about the Georgian Kings.
Tamar of Georgia, Photo courtesy:

“We should make wax figures of our kings, with an information board and audio history which will talk about important episodes of their reign so that people can be informed of the stories and the importance of the transition dates of the kings of the country of Georgia.”
The President's Palace, Photo courtesy:

“In the building we should also provide a space, where we can sell souvenirs associated with Georgia (such as flag, emblem, even miniature figures and so on). The building will become a significant tourist destination where they will have the opportunity to learn about the history and be informed of the historically significant events that took place in our country.”
The kings of Georgia, Photo courtesy:

“At the same time we can also provide suggestions for the future development and prosperity of Georgia and specifically for regions such as (Svaneti, Bakuriani, Batumi etc.)” – said the citizen in his statement.

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