How does Buba Kikabidze plan on celebrating his 80th birthday?
23 July, 2018
On the 19th July Vakhtang Kikabidze became 80 years of age. We congratulate Buba on the anniversary and wish him health and longevity.

The famous "Mimino" in the former Soviet Union (Vakhtang's nickname) Buba’s political statements surprised everyone. His criticism caused a stormy response from the Soviets. But, of course, as always it was forgotten over time, and the pure, heartfelt "chito-grito" and "years are my riches" written by Vakhtang Kikabidze will remain in our hearts.
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So how did he celebrate his 80th birthday?

On the 19th July I will attend my jubilee concert. I wrote a lot of new songs. I will also attend a family gathering at my home in Batumi.

The following day I will go to a local restaurant and spend time with my friends. . . Next week I will travel to Baku, and attend the song festival "Jara" .Then I will return to Batumi.
"I intend to come to Tbilisi in the autumn, to hold some concerts ."- says Vakhtang
"I have not been with you for nine years now (after the events of South Ossetia - AD). But that does not mean that I do not like Russia or Russian people. Give my greetings to all residents of Russia. I am very pleased for them".

He has written a play Diagnosis – Georgians

He says he doesn’t like Soviet symbolism from an aesthetic point of view.

“Following my interview ("Doiche Vale", on the 20th June) journalists called me and told me: "Vakhtang Konstantinovich (Russian’s use second name while talking to someone in a formal way), why do you blame the Soviet Union? I replied with: "I was not popular in the Soviet Union, but I was being true to myself." If the viewers and the listeners do not want to come to my concerts, they cannot be forced.” – says Vakhtang
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When asked what he thinks about others opinion of him.. he replied with

"I'm not interested in how people understand my words and interpret them. I live my life. I go fishing. Recently, I went to the seven-kilometer-long Kvareli Lake. The weight of the fish is as important as a drug dose in a drugstore". – says Vakhtang

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