Preparations for international beauty competitions kick off in Georgia
23 July, 2018
The Welmond Hotel in Batumi hosted a model competition on the 21st of July. The jury were asked to choose models for forthcoming international beauty contests such as Miss and Mister Planet 2018 (Georgia), Best Model of the World-2018 (France), Miss Model of the World -2018 (China), Best Global Model of the Year (Portugal), Future Fashion Faces World -2018 (Turkey), Miss International Tourism -2019 (Bulgaria).

Outfits for the models were supplied by well-known Georgian designers Patuna Bushyhead, Marcus Metreveli and Giorgi
Tatanashvili. Patuna Bushyhead is the owner and director of Patuna Fashion House. Marcus Metreveli is a singer, and Giorgi Tatanashvili is a photographer. Both are newly established models and designers in the Georgian Fashion industry.

The most popular competition for the Georgian models turned out to be Miss and Mister Planet -2018. The competition is normally held in the seaside town of Batumi, which has been hosting the competition for the last 4 years. The jury chose Nino Gvelesiani and Luka Tigishvili as contestants for the Miss and Mister Planet -2018 .
Nino Gvelesiani, Photo courtesy:

Nino Gvelesiani has previously been awarded the Miss Teenager and Miss Georgia titles. She has also been modelling in China.
Luka Tigishvili, Photo courtesy:

Luka Tigishvili was among the top three models in an international modelling competition Elite Model Look in 2015.

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