Appearing in a Crusader costume at a History exam
23 July, 2018
Every summer young Georgians are gripped by exam fever. National Higher Education Entrance Exams challenge entrants in different spheres of knowledge. This year for the first time in exam history, a young Georgian appeared in a Crusader costume at his History exam.

Giorgi Zhuzhunashvili has just graduated from school, and is now preparing to embark on a bachelor’s degree either in International Relations or in Archaeology. He decided to do something different on exam day to cheer up his co-examinees. Before
the History exam day, he was thinking about dressing up in a historical costume. He finally decided to dress up in a Crusader’s costume.
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The young Georgian believes that the Crusades were some of the most significant events of history, having an affect on Georgia too. That is why he chose to turn up in a Crusader costume. Before attending he contacted the National Assessment and Examinations Center (NAEC) to make sure he would be allowed to sit the exam wearing the costume. The center took the idea very positively and the following day, the history exam was attended by a disguised entrant in a Crusader costume from the medieval period.
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His plan came off just as he had hoped. The entrance distracted the children from exam nerves and anxiety. At first, Security found it hard to identify whether he was as an entrant or not. After everything was explained and sorted out, he sat the exam. At the end photographs were taken and many positive comments received. Giorgi Zhuzhunashvili believes if he had lived in the medieval period, he would have been a nobleman and would have taken advantage of the Crusades in favor of Georgia.
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The National Assessment and Examinations Center (NAEC) was established on the 5th of July 2002 by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. It is the country's largest professional organization acting in the field of educational assessment. NAEC aims at improving the quality of education through valid, fair and reliable assessment and research. The center put a stop to a bribing and blackmailing culture in the education system that was previously rooted in Soviet Georgia.

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