Georgian actor to be filmed with Sir Anthony Hopkins
23 July, 2018
A Georgian actor, Irakli Kvirikadze will take part in the film Now Is Everything with one of the world’s greatest living actors, Sir Anthony Hopkins. He was introduced to the director of the film, Dante Spinotti by an art director and production designer from Georgia, Lasha Zambakhidze.

Lasha Zambakhidze is famous for Downsizing (2017), Sacred Blood (2015) and Tbilisi, I Love You (2014). Dante Spinotti is an Italian cinematographer in Hollywood, known for The Last of the Mohicans (1992) Heat (1995),
L.A. Confidential (1997), The Insider (1999), and Wonder Boys (2000).
Irakli Kvirikadze and Anthony Hopkins, Photo courtesy:

Irakli Kvirikadze studied acting at Shota Rustaveli Theatre and the Film State University. In 2014, Kvirikadze was cast in a lead role in the omnibus production of Tbilisi I Love You directed by a group of Georgian directors. Then, he moved to New York City to take acting classes at the famed Stella Adler Studio.
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Whilst studying in New York, he met a Georgian director Rezo Gigineishvili who offered him the lead role in his film Hostages. After shooting the film in Georgia, Kvirikadze moved to Los Angeles, where he currently lives and continues his studies.
Hostages, Photo courtesy:

Hostages is based on a true story about young Georgians living in USSR. Six boys and a girl try to hijack a plane in order to escape the USSR. The Youngsters were from elite Georgian families, lacking nothing but freedom. They risked their own lives along with the passengers’ to experience freedom.

However their attempt to escape did not succeed and they were caught. They were sentenced to death for their attempt to escape the USSR. Even today, there is a big debate about their action. Some consider it was an act ofterrorism, others claim the government knew about their plan and let inexperienced, naïve youngsters fail and die. One of the boys was Gega Kobakhidze. He was newly married at that time and his wife’s imprisonment led to her miscarriage.

Among the cast of Hostages is also a well-known Georgian actor Merab Ninidze. Irakli Kvirikadze takes on the role of Gega Kobakhidze in the film. As a result of his role in Hostages, he was recognized at the 21st edition of EUROPEAN SHOOTING STARS at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival.

The jury’s comment on his role in Hostages: “Irakli is a fresh talent, giving a truly impressive performance in HOSTAGES, an ensemble drama in which he shines, thanks to the emotional depth he displays. Still young, Irakli's admirable skills as a trained actor allows him to express passion, anger and sensibility. He has a natural presence and his overwhelming energy combined with humble eagerness, makes him an undisputed 'one to watch'."

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