What do the daughters of rich Georgians do?
24 July, 2018
Rich people are considered interesting in today’s society. Whilst they may try to live a secluded life, they have almost nothing to hide, in the modern era, where most people can be found on social networking sites.

Liza Magradze

Liza Maghradze is more or less a familiar figure within Georgia. She is the granddaughter of Badri Patarkatsishvili. Lisa was 4 years old when she started singing and recorded a duet with Tatia Giorgobiani. This led her to some television work,
taking on different roles at various times. She is known as an actress by profession. She could have studied abroad, but instead chose to study acting at the Theatrical University in Georgia. Lisa said in an interview that Badri Patarkatsishvili was particularly fond of her and he was a good grandfather.
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Nanuli Shevardnadze

Eduard Shevardnadze's grandchildren are familiar within Georgian society and abroad. But his granddaughter Nanuli Shevardnadze prefers to stay hidden in the shadows, unlike her brother. She is named after her grandmother - Nanuli Shevardnadze. Paata Shevardnadze's beloved daughter lives in France and frequently visits Georgia. She lives a calm and sedate life, and isn’t active on social media.
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Lizi Mamiashvili

Lizi Mamiashvili is very popular in Russia. She was 15 years old when she was filmed in a popular TV series called "Family Business". Lisa is the daughter of Georgian millionaire and president of the Russian Wrestling Federation Misha Mamiashvili. She has a brother and a sister. Her older sister Tamar lives in Switzerland and works at the Sports Committee. She also likes blogging. At 22 years old Tamar married Sergey Bondarchuk in 2012. As for Lizi's little brother, he was born in Spain, and is called Juan Carlo. Lizi wants to become a well-known actress and it's obvious that her dream is coming true.
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Mariam Sharangia

Mariam Sharangia is the daughter of a famous Georgian millionaire Merab Sharangia. Her sister Tatia Sharangia is famous in Georgia, however Mariam is not as well known as she is . Tatia and Mariam’s father lives in America. Their brothers are Russian citizens, and they get the share of the company "Beeline", Georgian Railway, TV Company "Rustavi 2", in the Desert Market, as well as in the "GMC" group, which is famous for restaurants. Mariam Sharanagia is the manager of the Georgian Innovations and Technologies Agency.
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Janet Kerdikoshvili

Janet Kerdikoshvili is well known in Georgia, although her father Jemal Kerdikoshvili is not as much. Janet's father is a businessman and has various businesses both in Georgia and in Russia. Janet has a friendly relationship with her father, as Jemal Kerdikoshvili said in one of his interviews, he considers her his dream girl. Jemal Kerdikoshvili often travels with his children and it is clear that he has a wonderful family. He wants his daughter to get married to a good and righteous man.
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