Georgian citizens in Greece are all safe
24 July, 2018
Fast moving wildfires have swept through Athens the capital of Greece, and its surrounding area. Dozens of people have died, houses have burnt down and thousands of residents and tourists have had to flee from the blazing city.

The blaze broke out on Monday, the 23rd of July in the village of Mati which is 29 km (18 miles) east of the capital. It is a popular resort for Greek holiday-makers, particularly pensioners and Camps for children. Tourists and visi
tors tried to escape the blaze but unfortunately, some of them did not make it in time.
Wildfire in Greece, Photo courtesy:

Greece emergency services have been deployed to two sites of the largest fires in and around Rafina, about 15 miles east of Athens, and Kineta, about 30 miles west of the capital. Wildfires are not uncommon in Greece, and a relatively dry winter has helped to create the right conditions for such a fire.

If anyone has any information about any Georgians in or around Athens and who may be unaccounted for,they are requested to contact the Embassy hot line on +306995779793. Three Georgian citizens have already contacted the embassy. Three of them have already been safely rescued from the blaze.

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