Georgian emigrants on Greece’s recent tragedy
25 July, 2018
On Monday, the 23rd of July in Mati (a village in Greece) a large wild fire broke out and quickly spread. Mati is some 29 km (18 miles) east of the capital Athens, and is a popular spot for Greek holiday-makers, particularly pensioners and children at Camps. Tourists and visitors tried to escape the blaze but unfortunately, some of them did not make it in time.
The death toll is currently reported to be 74 but expected to rise. At least
164 adults and 23 children have also been injured in the wildfire. People were evacuated from beaches, some people were found dead in the sea, having drowned as they tried to escape the blaze. In addition to firefighters battling the largest blazes, armed forces and fire brigades are also searching for missing people.

Georgian emigrants expressed their sympathy and grief for the tragedy on social network:

“A hell is occurring in Greece. I have great sympathy for the tragedy, may God be with us!”
“This type of fires are not uncommon in Greece but I have not witnessed anything like the tragedy that is happening now. Gale-force winds intensified the terrible situation in the country.”

“I cannot help myself from watching the TV and internet. There is nothing comforting .There are three major sites of fire, the largest blaze around Athens. Streets, houses, balconies, yards – everything is covered in flames and smoke. People do not know how to escape.”

“Wildfire from the forest soon spread everywhere, including roads. People had to escape by running into the sea but the fire came so quick, their backs were burnt. I left the city but I do not feel safe due to the strong gusts of wind.”
Hundreds of Georgians work, live and study in Greece. The tragedy has left them speechless. They hope that the death toll will not rise further and that any injured and presently missing people will be found safe and sound.

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