Georgian DJ who quit working with Giorgio Armani and will play at the world’s biggest music festival
25 July, 2018
There are many successful Georgians around the world, who are unfortunately not known in Georgia. Today you’ll get to know a young musician and a successful DJ who lives on the island of Ibiza. Giorgi Kadaria left Georgia several years ago and achieved success abroad. Tomorrow he will be playing at the world’s biggest music festival called “Tomorrowland”.

I became interested in producing music when I was in high school. In 1999 Coolio arrived in Tbilisi, I wanted to go to
his concert but I didn’t have a ticket, I still decided to go thinking somehow I’d get in. Whilst there I accidentally met Dato Porchkhidze, and when he found out that I wanted to get in, he gave me an invitation. During the concert, Coolio asked the audience who could rap, so me and this other guy found ourselves on the stage. That was my first experience on stage.

I first left Georgia in 2007. I worked in Turkey for about two years and that’s where I met the love of my life. She is Belgian but because she could not come to Georgia I went to live in Belgium. After 8 months in Belgium, I got a job and started working professionally from there. Then I moved to London where I played in London's leading clubs.

From London, I returned to Belgium and started working with Giorgio Armani in the field of marketing with Armani Jeans Line Sales, Antwerp Store Management, Milan and Paris Buy Goods and at Events. At the same time, I worked as a DJ.

Armani was my dream company, where I always wanted to work. But I realized that my main interest was always music so I decided to leave everything and go back to Ibiza to work.
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I explained my plans to my family and went off.. However Ibiza became too lonesome for me, and so as soon as I settled in, I also moved my family there. I was confident so I got lucky. I’m religious and have always believed in God. It seems to me that it’s all thanks to him that I’m here. I’m a lucky man.

This is the first time that I will be playing in “Tomorrowland”. The last event that I did for Armani, I realized that I should not give up. I decided to apply to join the festival and sent my CV to the organizers in March. I did not expect them to contact me and so when I received an Invitation to play at the Festival, I could not believe it. This is a different level of experience for a DJ but there is no greater experience. This will open up a lot of doors for me.

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