Get to know: Alexandra Paichadze
26 July, 2018
Model, TV presenter and fitness-instructor Alexandra Paichadze first came to the public’s attention through her modeling activities. As a child she used to like dancing in Georgian and ensemble style, but as the years passed she became too tall to continue dancing the ensemble.

Alexandra’s biggest priority is - to motivate people and make them happy. In today’s article we will get to know Alexandra who will soon be appearing on the TV series "Dancing with the Stars”

Why did I
decide to dance in the show? Because I like to pursue a lot of interests. However, now I realize that I have chosen the most difficult of them all. This project is a big challenge for me. But I am willing to meet it. Even though, many people will already be familiar with me, I want them to learn more. I want people to know and understand that I have lots of ambitions.
Alexandra Paichadze, Photo courtesy:

The first goal I am focusing on, is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. I have many followers on Instagram - 16 thousand people. In the future, I want this number to increase. But, not with “selfies” or beautiful lips, I'm not supporting that. When you have a lot of followers, you should provide them with something good. So, just because I am a model, it does not mean that my world revolves around the word "Gucci".

Anyone who knows me knows that I promote a healthy life (balanced meals, exercise, and fitness). I am also a hardworking person. I want Georgians to be more beautiful and healthy. For them to have motivation. I would be happy if I were the person who drives them in this direction. So, I think that this new project will be a great help in showing my abilities and that I can prove myself.
Alexandra Paichadze, Photo courtesy:

My view is that young women should be independent, optimistic, and self-confident. They should also try and improve themselves. Women should have no boundaries. If you want something, you should be able to get it! Many who write to me have many questions on how to be successful. That’s why we should motivate them and assure them that everything is possible. However, it takes a lot of hard work to achieve self-esteem and self-confidence.

I don’t take myself too seriously, I often joke around –I am a global thinker. Some people ask me why I want to make everyone beautiful. Many do not understand my goal, but that’s what I feel in my heart and I want to try to make it a reality. It's as simple as that. I want to make others feel better about themselves.

Even though it is not easy, I enjoy dancing. I am a perfectionist and I like to focus on every detail. If I don’t get something right, I get into a bad mood. My dance partner, Maxim Leonov is a cool guy, from Ukraine. He really helps me with my dancing.
Alexandra Paichadze, Photo courtesy:

I am curious to find out how much support I will get from the audience during the show. How much I can provide for them. All this is part of a new phase in my life, a beautiful show that will open up a lot of doors for me and will be remembered.

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