Amazing photos that will remain in history – Ia Parulava with famous stars
27 July, 2018
“Did you know that I was at the Oscars award ceremony in 1997?”– says Ia Parulava The actress wore a Dolce & Gabbana dress and looked very beautiful.

From 1993, Ia’s teacher was a well-known Georgian Giorgi Zhdanov. He started working in a studio, thanks to Robert De Niro.
Ia Parulava and Robert De Niro, Photo courtesy:

From 1993 to 1998, Ia lived in Los Angeles

She was filmed in various movies, clips and commercials.

Ia’s and De Niro's friendship
continued in the United States. The actor has repeatedly said that he considers her like his own child.
Ia Parulava and Robert De Niro, Photo courtesy:

Let's remind you that De Niro visited in Tbilisi in 1986 with his daughter and boyfriend) as well as his son.
Recently it has been reported, that De Niro sent his regards to Ia Parulava asking how she was.

That's what Ia Parulava looked like when she was working in Hollywood.
Ia Parulava, Photo courtesy:

Ia and Johnny Depp got acquainted during the years when the famous actor was reportedly dating Katie Moss. It is known that Ia Parulava and Johnny Depp were together at different parties.

This photo was taken in 1994 and will definitely be a memorable one in history.
Ia Parulava and Johnny Depp, Photo courtesy:

The first photo courtesy:

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