Falling Apart – by modern Georgian writer Davit Gabunia
27 July, 2018
Davit Gabunia is a Georgian writer and translator. His books include Falling Apart, Books in Batumi, 2017, Plays, Diogene Publishing, 2013, The Children of Others, Siesta Publishing House, 2010. His translations in English and Swedish have been published in various literary magazines. He has also translated the works of Shakespeare, August Strindberg, and Henrik Ibsen as well as modern playwrights. His plays have been performed at the Royal District Theatre, Rustaveli National Theatre, Poti, Batumi and Liberty theatres.

Falling Apart is
his debut novel - Zura and Tina’s family seems an ordinary one from the outside: Zura is an unemployed/house husband, looking after their 2 children. Tina works every day, doing a routine job. In the summer of 2012 Zura notices a new car in the neighborhood. Soon he becomes interested in tracking the neighbor’s private life, which is perfectly visible from his window. Too interested in the life of his neighbor, his relationship with his wife deteriorates and he soon realizes that he doesn’t seem as happy with it as he used to be.
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Meanwhile, Tina plunges into an affair with her co-worker. Readers have a chance to hear the story from the perspective of Tina, Zura, Tina’s lover and the neighbors. Even the cat becomes the witness of events happening around them. The shifting of the story between different people and dramatic and twisted events makes it seem even more menacing.

Let yourself travel through the lives of ordinary people and observe how innocuous actions can turn their lives upside down.
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