Causes of divorce in Georgia
27 July, 2018
Over the past 5 years, there have been 46 031 official divorces in Georgia. The highest rate of divorces are in Tbilisi, followed by the Imereti region (the western part of Georgia). As a Georgian demographer, Anzor Totadze has stated, that 50% of marriages in Tbilisi presently end in divorce.

Georgian psychologists have observed that Georgian wives and husbands suffer estrangement from each other. Sometimes, they are not capable of communicating properly in order to sustain
and develop their relationship. Intonation and the structure of sentences often give out more information than just their meaning. He believes that spouses need to be better at communication with each other, if the statistical pattern is to be reversed.
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Couples are said to prioritize material welfare over personal relationships. Sometimes they do not realize the difference between relationships and marriage. Marriage disappointments, either in terms of financial issues or personal relationships, often lead to divorce.

Early marriages are also said to be at higher risk of divorce than most other cases. Throughout the years, couples tend to lose interest in partners or their joint aspirations and goals. They also may not be psychologically ready for such a responsibility, especially in relation to having children. The lack of common interests often deteriorates into mutual disrespect.
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Divorce may be caused by an unsuitable choice. Over the course of their marriage, couples often find their partners different to the person they thought they knew before the marriage. Due to routine and busy lives, they also may not have much quality time together to learn more about each other as they grow older. When children arrive within the family there may be, even less time left for the parents’ relationship, thus, misunderstandings and conflicts arise.

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