What is the price for an organized wedding in Georgia?
01 August, 2018
Planning a wedding day through specialists is a now a common thing all over the world. More and more Georgians are now following suit. Georgians prefer organizing their weddings in the countryside. Foreigners are also willing to plan their weddings in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of the world, in Georgia.

The price for an organized wedding in Georgia is quite reasonable and affordable. Let’s have a look at Georgian wedding companies’ offers.
The company offers couples a
special signing ceremony at Lisi Lake (Tbilisi). This special program costs 800 GELS. The price includes decoration of the area for up to 80 guests with the supply of background musical equipment. All ceremonies have their compares or masters of ceremony and the company will arrange one of the couples’ friends’ for this duty. If a table of sweets is requested, an additional 200 GELS will be charged.

Another company offers a signing ceremony in Tskneti (Tbilisi) and Saguramo village (in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region). If the event is held in Saguramo, the program includes decorations, musical equipment, a photo session and a special board for writing wishes for the couple, master of the ceremony, a buffet  and free entrance to the area.
As for Tskneti, the wedding specialists will organize decorations, musical equipment, a space for photo sessions and its facilities, a wish board, a buffet, a master of ceremonies. The price for both venues is 80 GELS. For the official signing process, the notary service requires an additional 170 GELS.

Georgian couples are said to love private houses for their wedding ceremonies, especially for a photo session. The price for a photo session ranges between 1000 and 1500 GELS. Drone photography is often demanded by couples and the price for this is usually about 150-200 GELS for a single location.

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