Young Georgian painter striving to study at the New York Academy of Arts
01 August, 2018
There were many talented artists who painted beautiful pictures, but gained public fame only after their death. The majority if not all of them, lived in poverty. Well, nothing has changed much nowadays. Today we explore a story of a Georgian painter, who has passed entrance exams to study at the New York Academy of Arts, but does not have enough money to cover his education fees.

But first, let’s listen to his story.
A woman by Tedo

The young painter Tedo
Rekhviashvili and his family were affected by the war in Abkhazia in the 1990s and suffered hard times in the years that followed.

As he recalls, his mother used to buy paints and papers instead of kerosene (there were quite often total blackouts in the 1990s in Georgia) so that Tedo did not stop painting and to help him succeed.
A horse by Tedo

His mother used to carry heavy bags of donuts from Vagzali (Train Station in Tbilisi) to Rustaveli Avenue to sell them there..

Tamta, Tedo’s sister remembers that the whole family was focused on just one thing – to help Tedo paint and to save the life of his brother Tornike.

Today both of them are safe, but they do not have enough money to cover Tedo’s education fees.
Tedo uses different materials to paint

27 years old Tamta, Tedo’s sister asks for help from everyone. One year’s education fee at the New York Academy of Arts costs $38 000. The Academy itself has decided to fund $15 000 of the fee, but the rest of the money Tedo needs to find. He has been trying to collect the necessary amount of money for months. He started social media campaigns as well, asked for help from representatives of the public and private sectors, but has not collected enough money yet.
Tedos paintings can decorate modern design very well

“I think I have tried everything I can in Georgia. That is why this idea is so important for me. I work, paint every day, I follow an active lifestyle, but I am still not satisfied with the possibilities here” – says Tedo, “I want to study in New York to deepen my knowledge and gain experience”.

Tedo says, that the Academy collaborates directly with the world’s leading Galleries and this obliges them to exhibit works of distinguished students. This is one of the reasons why he wants to study there.
Another picture of Tedo decorating the design

It was not easy to pass the entrance exams for the Academy. Apart from all the necessary documents, he also had to supply 20 of his own paintings. He was accepted on to the course on the 12th of April. Since then he has been trying to raise enough money for the course fees.

Tedo plans to come back to Georgia as soon as he finishes his studies so as to stay close to his brother Tornike, who suffers from cerebral paralysis.

Tedo has a Master’s degree in Graphics. He graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of Arts. He paints for six hours daily and teaches for four hours. He teaches small classes.
Tedo with his students

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