Georgian entrant who got top marks in two subjects
06 August, 2018
Devi Oniani is a graduate of the 55th Public School, Tbilisi, Georgia. This year, he enrolled for the National Higher Education Entrance Exams so that he could continue his studies at the Tbilisi State Medical University. The National Assessment and Examinations Center (NAEC) organizes exams for entrants, graduates and teachers to certify them for certain purposes.

One of the exams entrants have to take before they can embark on their bachelor studies is- General Skills. It is regarded as one of
the most challenging. The result of this exam for Devi Oniani was a maximum score of 80 out of 80.

Even more incredible was the fact that his result in the foreign language test was also the maximum score of 90 out of 90 in this test too. His parents say, their son has always been diligent and hard-working and so his success was not a surprise to them.

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