Georgian policewomen: stereotypes and reality
06 August, 2018
The number of female members in the Security Forces is increasing year after year. In spite of stereotypes, such as being a police officer is unsuitable or the duty is too hard for women, Georgian women still take up the job with pride.

One policewoman, Natia Vibliania is a member of the Security Police. She feels very comfortable in a police uniform. She has never worried much about stereotypes whilst choosing her career. She was psychologically and physically prepared to take
on the responsibility of the job.

Although, at first her parents thought the responsibility would be too challenging for their daughter, their worries proved unfounded. Natia believes that the Georgian public has started to redefine stereotypes and what is and is not an appropriate career for a woman.
Natia Vibliani

Citizens exchange smiles and warm compliments with policewomen. These are positive reactions which gives her motivation to work harder in order to live up to their hopes and be a role model for future female police officers.

Apart from her abilities in policing, Natia Vibliani previously had a leading role in one of the modern Georgian films Dede directed by Mariam Khatchvani. The film is all about traditions in the Caucasian Mountains. Natia successfully participated in the film’s casting and had to attend various international festivals. Her employers fully supported Natia during the film process and its follow-up events.
Mariam Bendeliani

Mariam Bendeliani is another policewoman from Kahketi (the eastern part of Georgia). She works as an inspector in the Police Department. She says, she is repeatedly asked about the reason for her choice. She thinks wearing the uniform is a great honour. Mariam has never differentiated between male and female jobs. She has witnessed different reactions form citizens and tries hard to change negative attitudes into positive.
Tatia Razmadze

Tatia Razmadze is a police officer within the Criminal Police. Before embarking on her job as an officer, she was giving lectures at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affair. She wanted to put her theoretical knowledge into practice and to contribute to the country’s state service. She recognizes the responsibility and stereotypes around the job but still she is ready to challenge them and prove her strength through her every-day work. She believes that people should appreciate policewomen not just for their attractive appearance but also for their high qualification.

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