Paloma Anastasia Mikadze, an Instagram star from Georgia
14 August, 2018
Anastasia Mikadze is a Georgian social network star from Georgia. She shares her ideas about fashion, interior design and healthy lifestyle with hundreds of followers on Instagram. Her family left Georgia in 1991 and settled in Barcelona, Spain. Anastasia’s grandfather introduced her to the unique nature and history of Georgia.
Paloma Anastasia Mikadze

She has visited many places in Georgia. Unfortunately, she doesn’t speak Georgian but wants to learn it. Her family speaks Georgian and she understands the meaning of most
words. Anastasia studied graphic design in Barcelona and fashion design in London and Milan.
Paloma Anastasia Mikadze

She considers herself as a rebellious character who never complies with stereotypes but follows her own path. Anastasia believes a healthy lifestyle is the foundation of happiness. Her 50-year old mother balances work, with exercise (three times a week) and eating in moderation. She is a role model for Anastasia. The instagram star follows suit and has been sporty since her childhood.
Paloma Anastasia Mikadze

She thinks diet needs to be combined with sport to be effective. She is semi-vegetarian but now and again eats fish. She also advocates drinking as much water as possible during the day.If they are on holiday, her family will cook Georgian dishes such as Khinkali (cheese), Adjarian khachapuri, eggplants with walnut sauce. On such occasions, she can’t follow her usual diet but likes to indulge herself.
Paloma Anastasia Mikadze

She knows a lot about Georgian designers and tries to introduce them to the whole world through her blog. In future, she plans to contribute to Georgian fashion with her own work.

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