Georgian schoolchildren create Robot “Vano”
15 August, 2018
Georgian students from the Guivy Zaldastanishvili American Academy in Tbilisi have created a robot named Vano. At first, numerous parts of the robot were placed in a box. The objects were put together and assembled into Vano by about 20 academy students. Three of them Sopo Kevlishvili, Lika Mikhelashvili and Nika Gegechkori will present the robot at First Global (an annual international Robot Olympics).

Vano is controlled through a tablet. The robot can move and transport objects to various locations. More
importantly, the Georgian robot is able to perform Georgian national dances and cook Churchkhela (a Georgian sweet made of grape juice and walnuts). The challenge for Vano at the contest is to pick, transport, raise a cardboard box, place the sun batteries and to revolve a wind turbine.
The creators of the robot "Vano"

The children have deepened their insights into the details of technology through the project. They were mentored by Ilia Mestvirishvili. The project is financially supported by the Academy, microfinance organization “Crystal” and First Global. The first stage of the project was to program the robot through a gamepad. The gamepad is controlled by two people, clicking different buttons so as the robot can perform certain functions.
"Vano" making Churchkhela

At the competition, each country’s team will present their “culture” at an allocated stand. Vano will cook Churchkhela in front of its international visitors at its Georgian stand. Vano is a typical name for Georgians. As the children have stated, the robot was named after one of the staff members of the Academy who is a very kind, considerate and neat person. The young creators hope in future to improve and increase the functionality of the robot. They hope Vano will meet a well-known AI humanoid Sofia one day in the future.

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