Rebellious and successful Georgian model based in Barcelona
18 August, 2018
Remember we told you a story this week about a Georgian model Paloma Anastasia Mikadze, who currently is based in Barcelona and is quite successful there? Georgian Journal has obtained full interview with Paloma. How a girl, whose family left Georgia in 1991, when she had not been born yet, achieved success in Barcelona, the city she was born in 1993? Find out in this interview.

1. I was scrolling my Instagram page, when I saw a beautiful picture of a girl
doing Yoga. I thought it was Hollywood actress, but I found out that attractive Georgian girl had a huge number of followers. As I kwon too little about you, please, tell me about yourself? Who is Paloma Anastasia Mikadze?

Thank you so much for your kindness! If I had to describe myself, I'd use the definition Rebellious. I never follow any mainstream, any crowd or any type of rule. I just live my life without depending on anyone's opinion about it. That said, I've studied Graphic Design in Barcelona, Fashion Design in Milano and Fashion Editorial Design in London. I think the most interesting people are those who don't fit into boxes or limitations, but those who have multiple careers and are ready to face changes with a huge smile. And that's what I do, everyday something different. One day I might be designing, the other creating content for my blog and Instagram, another day I might be taking pictures, I like doing as many things as I can. I'm an artist.

2. My second question is about your childhood, Georgian-Russian girl based in Barcelona. How old were you, when you moved from Georgia? When you visited Georgia last time? Do you speak Georgian?

So there's a really long story behind my childhood. I'm the little sister of four kids. My parents left Georgia in 1991, when my third sister was born, searching for a better life as the situation was sadly, very bad. They wanted to return to Georgia as soon as everything started getting better, but then they began to establish themselves in Barcelona, kids went to school, and suddenly I was born, in 1993.

I love my country, I've visited so many places in Georgia, specially the mountainous part of the country! Thanks to the stories of my Grandpa, who was from Chiatura, Imereti, I've inherited the love and appreciation of Georgia's unique history and landscapes.

The last time I visited Georgia was during S/S '18 Fashion Week. - November 2017. I love Georgia's Fashion Designers, and I would love to contribute to the development of Georgian Fashion Industry in Europe through my own Fashion Blog. I do not speak Georgian as much as I'd like to, but I can understand it a little, as my parents speak Georgian. We are a Georgian family, established in Barcelona, following Georgian traditions.

I'll be visiting Georgia in August-September and also during Fashion Week, as we have an Apartment and many relatives who I miss and try to visit frequently.

3. I usually read your posts and I think that healthy style of life is the most important for woman. How woman can be attractive in any age and any time? Can you share some advices for Georgian women?

A healthy, balanced lifestyle is the basis to happiness. Women are SO powerful, I mean, they give LIFE! So they should demonstrate their strength and love themselves hardly enough to take care of their bodies and themselves. Also, at home, my parents have always taught me to be an independent, hard working, strong woman. To achieve things by myself and never stop fighting. To take care of my body and my diet. Believe me, when you start eating healthy and training, your mind gets stronger and you're unstoppable.

My mum is the woman I look up to, she is beautiful, she has an amazing body and she works everyday, she goes to her office, gets everything done, she eats very healthy and works out 3 times a week. She is 50 but looks like my sister. She knows everything - and more - about fashion, she is the strongest person I've ever known, and she has taught this to me.

My advices are; You have to be disciplined, self confident, and understand that you are very valuable, and the first step is to value yourself, FIRST. And just do it. Don't overthink, don't wait. Do what you need to do for you.

4. You have followers from all around the wourld. What are the most actual or popular themes for women, by your opinion?

I think woman like following people they want to feel identified with. People who motivate them, inspire them and kind of, create a relationship with them. The most popular themes, I think, are fashion, fitness and inspiration. A fashion profile, with and inspirational voice and motivational purpose, is what woman like to follow. For example, I don't like following profiles who just share outfits without any more content. I like to know people, I like to see what people are made of, that's the only way I can feel inspired.

5. You are in such a good shape, please tell us how you manage this? Doing some diet? Which are your favorite dishes from Georgian cuisine?

Thank you very much! Yes, I do follow a diet and I train 5 days a week. Also, since I was a kid I've done sports. Tennis, swimming, and right now I'm doing CrossFit. Only a diet does not work. You have to train and keep your body active, that's the only way you'll see changes. Of course, what you eat is really important. I'm vegetarian. I do eat fish sometimes. But my daily nutrition consists on very simple dishes. Every morning I eat Porridge with nuts, with different fruits. For lunch I usually have vegetables with potato, maybe fish, maybe rice, chickpeas, depends. During the afternoon if I'm hungry I prepare some smoothies made of Avocado, Kale and fruits. Finally, for dinner I eat a really really small dish of vegetables or some fruit. And one of the most important things is to eat until you're 80% full - it's good to leave some space in your stomach. Finally, my biggest advice is to drink A LOT of water. All day!

I LOVE Georgian Cuisine. Specially my homemade Georgian Cuisine. For special occasions like Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Celebrations - we always prepare Georgian food. It's our tradition. When we have something to celebrate there are absolutely no rules, just eat!

My favorite dishes are Adjaruli Khachapuri, Khinkali (with cheese) and Eggplants with nuts, herbs and different spicy sauces.

6. Could you tell us about future plans?

My future plans are to focus on my Blog, to keep following the Fashion Industry - hopefully achieving my goal and demonstrating what Georgia has to offer in Fashion terms and the rest will be a surprise...Just keep following me and you will find out! I would also love to meet all of my Georgian followers, they are so kind to me.

Author: Nino Tsipuria

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