Medical tourism increases in Georgia
20 August, 2018
In the first quarter of 2018, Georgia was visited by 13 900 foreigners for medical and recovery purposes. The level is 61.2 % higher than the same period in 2017. Medical services in Georgia have been provided to 8600 foreign citizens. The most popular medical services account for dentistry, cosmetology and plastic surgery.

Over the last 5 years, Georgian dentists have been visited by an increasing number of foreigners. They come to Georgia not only for dental hygiene oral examination but
also for different services such as dental surgery and orthodentistry. They usually come from countries to the east of Georgia and Georgia’s neighbouring countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwaiti, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Armenia. Emigrants from USA, Russians, Armenians and Azerbaijanis living in England also tend to receive medical service in Georgia.
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Apart from specific medical services, foreigners also come to Georgia to visit healthy resorts such as Borjomi or Tskaltubo. The increasing number of foreigners visiting Georgia for the above mentioned purposes provides a relatively cheap but high quality service.

There are countries such as Israel and Turkey making big profits out of high quality medical services. If Georgia seeks to follow suit, it has to further develop its medical sphere. It has to concentrate on equipping medical centres with appropriate infrastructure and improving quality in all aspects of medicine.

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