Former Georgian plastic surgeon who owns a restaurant in New York
23 August, 2018
Maia Acquaviva is a Georgian former surgeon, who worked in one of the clinics here in Tbilisi, but decided to go to the USA and start a business there. It appears that her business is quite popular in New York. She owns a restaurant there called Oda House.

Well, an Oda House is specific to the Georgian reality. In the western part of Georgia, in Imereti houses were constructed differently – they had no foundations in the earth, but instead were
constructed on stilts.

Maia Acquaviva is a managing Partner and Executive Chef of Oda House and she brings Georgian cuisine and a dose of Georgian culture and pride to the East Village. Maia moved to the United States from Georgia in 2007 and re-discovered her calling to cook upon which she took culinary courses in New York
How does Maia cope with the new business? – CCTV tried to find out.

Enjoy the video!

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