Georgians who beat the world record
25 August, 2018
There are many Georgians among the world recordsmen. Georgians managed to beat the world record for 78 times to date. Today we explore four of them.
Ana Lominadze is the only Georgian female who beat the world record. She crossed 5.5 kilometer distance of the Dardanelles in 47 minutes with her hands and legs bound in 2012. She was 17 years old at the time.
Ana Lominadze crossing the Dardanelles

BMW Club Georgia be
at world record in 2012. They organized an event: at the Rustavi race track 357 BMWs drove simultaneously that was fascinating to watch.

Guram Ustiashvili is the Georgian weight lifter and he also beat world record. He pulled three cars together at the 4 meters and 37 centimeters distance with a rope in his teeth. Guram is the first one worldwide who managed to pull three cars together. After a while Guram beat his own record and pulled four cars together with his teeth.
Guram Ustiashvili puling a rope with teeth

Kukuri Salbishvili is a prisoner, but that does not keep him to beat world record. He pushed up 42 times in Bakasana pose, standing only on his hands. Then he pushed up for 25 times on the middle finger of his right hand and beat his previous record with 8 units.
Kukuri Salbishvili pushing up in the prison

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