Ex-president of Georgia wore torn jeans and Balenciaga sneakers
31 August, 2018
The Dutch newspaper Trouw recently published an interview with the former president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili. A new interview with him is not surprising but the outfit he decided to wear was quite original.

Misha, as he is called in Georgia, wore torn jeans and sneakers from Balenciaga. Creative director of Balenciaga is Demna Gv
asalia, who is also the head designer of Vetements.

“I am idealist, although I have been naïve” – says Misha in the interview.

Misha has always been a focus of media attention, even during his presidency. There was interest not only because of his political statements, but because of his outfits and behaviour as well.

He published another photo of himself recently, wearing the same sneakers from Balenciaga. The thing is, these sneakers cost around 765 Euros.
Misha wearing Balenciaga sneakers

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