70-year-old Georgian, who is a student
31 August, 2018
Giorgi Mikadze is a 70-year-old student at the Tbilisi State University, Georgia. He believes a human should always aspire to learn more. That is why he thinks people should not be surprised with his desire to study at the age of 70.

Giorgi Mikadze had been living in Russia. He received primary, secondary and higher education there. At the end of the 80s, he came back to Tbilisi to live here. He had been planning to come to Georgia before but
his wife did not want to come.

Due to some disagreements, they separated and subsequently divorced and his 5-year-old son stayed in Russia with his mother. His former wife later remarried a foreigner, changed her surname and after this, Giorgi could not reach them anymore. After 22 years, his son found him.

Giorgi had also remarried a German woman in Georgia and had another son with her. Unfortunately, his second wife died 10 years after they married and he became a widower. He never married again and so remained a single parent.
His career in Georgia was linked to the Ministry of Local Resorts and Choreography at some point. In the 90s, and during the economic hard times, he played English music at an Irish bar. Meanwhile, he was also an excursion guide.

7 years ago, he had a stroke. His son had to leave the school and work to help his father recover. One day, his son Kote said that he wanted to apply to go to University- he was interested in studying Restaurant Studies and he also suggested his father Giorgi should apply to join The Faculty for Guides. Giorgi accepted the challenge.

Giorgi says that he has rediscovered himself after embarking on these studies. He has realized the purpose of his life and at last, he has found the strength to continue with his life. At first, young students would find it funny to see an old man at the classes. While teachers were surprised with his diligence and determination to study.

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