Exclusive interview with the author of the book Sex and the City
03 September, 2018
Your book “Sex and the City and the TV series “Sex and the City” are very popular in Georgia. The life of these four girls should inspire every woman. My friends and I have watched the series several times ,even through the hard times. Carrie’s, Miranda’s, Charlotte’s and Samantha’s adventures never lose their popularity. What or who inspired you to write the book and then the TV series?

Sex and the City was based on my real life at the time. I
was single, I had my own Mr. Big, and I had lots and lots of girlfriends and quite a few of them were like Samantha!

New York City is the setting for all your books. Readers of your books even know the streets, names of bars and everything that is related to this city. Sometimes when you read the book or watch the TV series you can imagine your life in this city. Why New York?

New York is full of interesting characters! People in New York want something—fame, recognition, success. They’re always striving and competing, which makes for lots of good stories.
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How or where did you first meet Sarah Jessica Parker? Has she the same character as you have?
I met her backstage at a Broadway show, Once Upon A Mattress. She was the lead, singing and dancing!

You said you had your own Mr. Big , but did you have Aidan and Aleksandr Petrovsky in your life?
I’ve had many boyfriends. So yes, I’ve definitely had my version of Aidan and Aleksandr. Baryshnikov’s Petrovsky was a homage because I married a New York City Ballet principal dancer.

After their marriages your heroines have had some problems, with the routine of everyday life, the drabness and so on. Do you believe in love? Is that possible – one love, one life?

Marriage is not the end to one’s problems and always presents new challenges. The routine of everyday life affects us all, so the characters’ problems reflect the real-life problems of women. Is it possible to find one love? Maybe or maybe not, but we keep looking!

What is your favorite book and character? And why?
Candace Bushnell the author of "Trading Up", Photo courtesy:

My favorite book is one I have written called “Trading Up”. I love the character of Janie Wilcox. She’s so conniving and evil, and, like most people in real life, doesn’t end up being redeemed.

A lot of your fans are hoping for a third series “Sex and the City”. Are you planning to make a third series in the future? We miss the characters and we are interested to know how they might be living now?

No, I don’t think that there will be a third series. But fans should watch Lipstick Jungle, the TV series based on another one of my books. It’s available on Netflix, as is The Carrie Diaries.

The interview was made in 2017

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