The story of the single dweller of Khakhabo village
07 September, 2018
Pirikita Khevsureti is a territory located to the north of the Caucasus Mountains of Khevsureti. Khevsureti is divided into two parts by the Caucasus Mountains,the north-eastern part (Pirikita) and the south-western part (Piraketa). Pirikita Khevsurati borders with the Russian Federation. The population of Pirikita Khevsureti villages is decreasing year on year. A single dweller in the village of Khakhabo located in Pirikita Khevsureti talks about the difficult conditions of living in such villages.

36-year-old Paata Khakhiari is now the only permanent
dweller of the village. Ruins still remain of the 3-4-floor houses abandoned many years ago. Roads are not accessible for vehicles, only rock paths are available. Even pedestrian bridges are not available for crossing rivers. Wireless internet and mobile phone connection are the other non-existent conveniences in the village. That’s why former dwellers have not returned to the village.
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Paata was born and bred in the village. The school he attended was approximately 25 kilometers from the village. His house was destroyed by an avalanche when he was 6 years old. Three members of his family died, and another three survived.

He could not finish his eduction at school as his father was not able to take care of the livestock on his own. After several years his father died. Later, Paata entered the state military service. After completing his service, the 21-yearl-old Paata wanted to work as a border guard. But because he had not completed his education they would not accept him. The only dweller of the village takes care of the local livestock but he no longer produces any dairy products. The last time he wanted to sell some flour, the loaded horse fell into a gully.

Word has it that wireless internet is soon to be supplied to the village. It is planned that by 2020, residential cottages are also to be constructed in Khakhabo village. The number of tourists and the demand for horse riding tours are increasing every year. Paata hopes that the planned facilities and improvements will transform his village and entice other dwellers to return especially if there is a prospect of the village attracting more tourists.

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