The works of a Georgian calligrapher preserved in the Vatican
12 September, 2018
Giorgi Sisauri is a calligrapher from Georgia. His calligraphy works have caught the attention of a lot people all over the world. He was even commissioned to create an artistic work of calligraphy for Pope Francis. He copied the Georgian text of a Georgian medieval epic poem The Knight in a Panther’s Skin which is soon to be exhibited. He is a calligrapher for Chanel as well.
Giorgi has been interested in calligraphy since he was 12 years old when he
won a calligraphy contest held at his school. His love and interest in Religion, astrology, literature, psychology and philosophy have contributed to the imagination and aesthetics he incorporates into his calligraphy work.
He thinks Georgian calligraphy (in other words calligraphy using the Georgian alphabet) stands out from amongst the other ones established in the world. The Georgian alphabet has three versions which have emerged during its evolution: Asomtavruli, Nuskhuri and Mkhedruli. Giorgi believes that the Nuskhuri alphabet is the most perfect and beautiful version.
Apart from being a calligrapher, he creates painted icons. He derives great pleasure from the working process. He never knows in advance what his completed work will look like. The working process leads an artist to the result and that’s what Giorgi Sisauri calls art.
The Georgian artist wishes to study in New York City, in the USA. Recently he gave some master classes in Cairo and got to meet local artists. Egypt has 300 calligraphy schools. He hopes Georgia will also pay more attention to calligraphy and that he will have a chance to give classes to Georgians in painting and calligraphy in the future.
Giorgi Sisauri believes that internet fonts will never replace real calligraphy and in the era of digital advances, the growing popularity of calligraphy is timely and essential.


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