Restrictions to be imposed on the consumption and cultivation of cannabis
12 September, 2018
At a meeting of the ruling party "Georgian Dream" on the 10th of September, representatives from the Ministry of Internal Affairs introduced draft legislation to members of the party. According to the proposed legislation, the cultivation and export of cannabis will be allowed for pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes.

Giorgi Gakharia, the Minister of Internal Affairs said that any regulations implemented in European countries and in Canada on the cultivation and consumption of cannabis will be given serious consideration before any firm
decision is taken by Georgia to approve the proposed legislation.

The Minister has also stated that the consumption of marijuana will be permitted only in a private space. As for people under 21, the consumption of cannabis either in a private or public space will be punishable.

The consumption of marijuana in public spaces will be subject to punishment. The consumption of marijuana by people under 21 and driving a vehicle under the influence of the drug will be strictly regulated. People consuming marijuana in public space will not be allowed to work in the public sector or in government jobs.

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