A future astronaut from Georgia
13 September, 2018
Arsen Gvenetadze is a doctor, gynaecologist, reproductive endocrinologist, the Director of the Reproductive Clinic of Zurab Sabakhtarashvili and a professor at the Tbilisi State University. He not only dreams about travelling to the cosmos but waits for the day he will leave the earth.

Arsen Gvenetadze has received special training in Philadelphia. It turns out that “the future astronauts' program” has never had a Georgian participant. So, he decided to put his name forward for “the future astronauts’ program” list and
to attend training.
Arsen Gvenetadze

The program aims to select future astronauts who will observe the earth from space. When he heard about the program, Arsen Gvenetadze joked that he wanted to see Tkibuli, his hometown in Georgia from the cosmos. That was when he really decided to join” the future astronauts' programme” so he could look down on the earth from the cosmos.

Arsen Gvenetadze has now completed all the necessary training for astronauts and has become an officially certified astronaut from Georgia. When the day comes for his journey the spaceship will include 6 trained astronauts and two professional pilots. Back in Philadelphia through simulations provided at the training he has experienced how it looks and feels like to be in cosmos. Now that he is fully prepared, he is just waiting for the call to fly to the cosmos.
Arsen Gvenetadze

He believes life is about dynamics, actions and aspiring to a goal rather than static. He has realized this more after his recovery from cancer.

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