Georgian singers among the most successful in Russia
14 September, 2018
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, unfortunately lots of Georgian talent left the country and migrated to other places. The majority went to Russia to try their luck and to achieve success, Today they occupy places among the most successful performers in Russia.

Here are some of them.
Gregory Leps’ net worth is $12.3 million

Two Georgian singers are amongst the richest performers in Russia.

The richest singer in Russia is Grigory Leps. His real name is Grigory Viktorovich Lepsveridze.
He has Georgian roots but was born in Sochi in 1962. His estimated net worth is $12.3 million. Singing is not the only way he makes money . Leps also has his owns businesses which include sunglasses shops, karaoke bars and other businesses.

It is estimated that Leps receives between 90 to 100 thousand Euros per concert.
Valery Meladze’s net worth is $5 million

Another Georgian who is included in the rich list is Valery Meladze. His estimated net worth is approximately $5 million. Apart from singing, Valery also owns different businesses. He is also s a TV host, an actor, and works as a producer with young performers. Valery has a brother, Konstantin. Both brothers are considered to be amongst the wealthiest individuals in the Russian pop music business. It is estimated that he receives approximately 55 thousand Euros.
Tamar Gverdtsiteli is very popular in Georgia as well

Another wealthy Georgian singer in Russia is Tamar Gverdtsiteli. It is estimated he receives approximately 40 to 50 thousand Euros per concert.
Keta Topuria started her career in Tbilisi

There is one more successful Georgian singer in Russia – Keta Topuria. She is a soloist for a musical band AStudio. Her fee per show is estimated to be about 30 thousand Euros.

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