The first ever pet cemetery in Georgia
09 October, 2018
The first ever pet cemetery in Georgia
There is a new cemetery new the Tbilisi International Airport, the first of its kind in Georgia – a cemetery for pets. Currently there are 71 graves decorated with colorful stones of different shape. Carmen, Elisabeth, Lulu – these are some of the names scripted on the stones. Fortunately, there are portraits of the animals on the stones that helps distinguish the graves from the ones belonging to humans.

The idea was born two years ago, when some
of the owners of domestic animals asked Tbilisi City Hall to open a cemetery for their pets. The idea was approved.
A grave of a dog named Whiskey

Although cemeteries for pets are a common thing in the western countries, in Georgia it is know-how.

To bury a pet is as expensive as to bury a human. Lots of people would be jealous when looking at pompous graves for dogs or cats decorated with colorful stones. There are portraits, epitaphs and other decorations…
Some of the graves are decorated with portraits, like Carmen's one

“You made the best moments of our lives” – says script on one of the stones. “You taught us the true meaning of unconditional love. We love you more each day, more than yesterday”.

This is an epitaph written on the grave of a husky that lived between the 20th of November 2006 and 21st of March 2017.
Georgian shepherd, breed that is the most spread in Georgia and its mountain regions

According to one of the burial agency, they bury around 2 or 3 pets a month. Price depends on the weight of a pet – it is available to bury a pet up to 60 kilos for GEL 50, from 60 to 150 kilos – GEL 80, from 150 to 300 kilos – GEL 130.

Some of the owners want to border a grave for their pets, others want to cover it, but they were not allowed to do that.

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