Georgian singer Nini Shermadini wins Mrs. Planet 2018
09 November, 2018
Famous Georgian singer Nini Shermadini became a winner of Mrs. Planet 2018. The pageant took place in Bulgaria. The contest gives a possibility to married women to show their talent, beauty, and personality to the world. The representatives of the pageant came and chose Nini Shermadini as a finalist of the contest. Thus, she represented Georgia at the event.
Nini Shermadini, the winning of Mrs.Planet 2018

Nini started her career in one of the musical TV shows Nutsa’s School. She was the
first Georgian singer who participated in New Wave. It is an international contest for young singers founded in 2002 by the Russian composer Igor Krutoy and Latvian pianist and composer Raimonds Pauls. It was later enhanced by the Russian superstar Alla Pugacheva. In 2007, Nini became a TV presenter of the musical show Imedi Wave. She became a winner of the show in 2008.

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Nini Shermadini in a National Georgian costume

Nini Shermadini is also very popular in Greece. She participated in X-Factor in Greek and took the second place of the contest. She is actively involved in various musical programs, performs in a lot of events in Georgia or abroad. Nini has taken part in some of the musical projects in the U.S.

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nini shermadini, mrs. planet 2018
Nini Shermadini, the winning of Mrs.Planet 2018

Before traveling to the contest, Nini Shermadini was attending Tbilisi Fashion Week. She revealed the information about the pageant to the media. She had never dreamt about becoming a model. As a child, she had participated in one of the beauty contests but as she was given a broken doll as a gift, she has never thought to take part in modeling contests anymore. As she has been a performer for many years, she was confident about appearing on a stage and representing her country at the pageant.

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