A girl from Georgia doing military service in Israel
16 November, 2018
The number of female soldiers in the Israeli army is increasing every day. According to the Times of Israel (an Israeli-based online newspaper), the army was joined by 1000 women this summer. The military service in Israel is mandatory for both men and women.

A Georgian-born Lika Abgarova presently studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her family went to Israel in 2008. At that time, Georgia was in war with Russia. At first, it was very hard for Lika to
live in a new country, studying a new language. But Lika says that Israelis help each other very much and she adapted to a new environment very soon.

When Lika turned 18, she joined the army. Doing military service is an honor for everyone in Israel. There are various offers for female soldiers in armed forces in Israel. They can be office workers or do service in the air force. No one avoids doing military service in Israel. If someone cannot take physical training, they are offered alternative jobs at hospitals, kindergartens, etc.

Lika was offered a job in the media. She was in charge of the relation to the press of foreign affairs and social media. She has undergone physical training such as shooting, Krav Maga which is a combination of techniques sourced from boxing, wrestling, Aikido, judo, and karate, along with realistic fight training. Lika also got familiar with the values of the security forces in Israel.
Lika Abgarova
On the 11th of November, Israel and Gaza clashes have begun. The conflict was triggered by an Israeli clandestine operation carried out in the Khan Yunis area of the southern Gaza Strip. It was later followed the subsequent exchange of fires on their territories. Lika says that the opinion about the intense situation in the country breaks into two parts. Some Israelis believe they should not resort to military action against Hama and that they should not risk the life of their soldiers. While others think that it is better to put an end to the conflict rather than to live forever in fear.

Despite that fact that Israeli has been using Iron Dome which is a mobile all-weather air defense system, it doesn’t guarantee 100% security. According to Lika, everyone in Israeli is ready to fight for their country, it is the value instilled in all Israelis.

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