Before and after photos of Sophie Shevardnadze
28 November, 2018
Sophie Shevardnadze is a journalist for the television network RT based in Moscow, Russia. She is the granddaughter of the second Georgian President and Soviet minister of foreign affairs Eduard Shevardnadze. Eduard Shevardnadze is distinguished by his commitment to support reunification of Germany. Sophie used to join her grandfather at high-level meetings with international political figures.
Sophie’s family used to live in France where she learned ballet and piano. She graduated with a c
inema degree from Boston University in 2001 and studied in the master’s program in TV journalism at New York University.

After graduation, she worked as a producer for ABC-TV till 2005. After hearing about the upcoming launch of RT, she moved to Moscow and has been a presenter with the network since the launch. She hosts interviews with politicians, diplomats and news personalities in her show, SophieCo.
Sophie Shevardnadze speaks Georgian, Russian, English, French and Italian and Japanese languages. She was also a dancer on the Russian version of Dancing with the Stars 2010. During the contest, she started to be more engaged in physical activity. At the end of the contest, she was very impressed with the result of her active healthy lifestyle and decided to continue with sports.
Apart from physical activities, Sophie tries to avoid eating sugar, salt, white bread, pork, etc. But once a week she indulges herself in eating everything she wants. Besides, she visits one of the wellness clinics in Spain in order to follow the microbial diet once a year. Sophie’s healthy lifestyle has significantly changed her look.

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